Wether you enjoy yoga or climbing mountains, we all need exercise!

Government guidelines for exercise are 150 minutes of moderate cardio per week and 2 strength training sessions per week. These recommendations are based on current research but what does moderate cardio feel like and how hard do the strength sessions have to be?

150 minutes of moderate cardio per week is most achievable when broken up into 30 minute chunks which ends up being 5 cardio sessions per week. Moderate means a perceived exertion level of 7/10. If you were chatting with a friend you would need to pause every 5 words or so to catch you breath. Need something more technical? I love the 180 formula developed by Dr.Phil Maffetone. This formula is designed to keep you in the aerobic zone to avoid poor posture and gait and to decrease incidence of injury. It’s also been shown to give you greater fitness advances.

… the take home? what is moderate for me might be different than what is moderate for you.

Strength training on the other hand is a little more complex. Research tells us to avoid things like osteoporosis and muscle deterioration it’s important to do strength training but do you need a gym membership?

In short no, you don’t.

Some simple squats, push ups and pull ups can do the trick. Exercises like these you can do anywhere. They can be altered to make them easier or harder depending on your fitness levels and they can be altered to allow for any injuries or conditions you may have. We can work out a program for home that it right for you and that will keep you motivated.


The Classic Push Up Exercise can be done in so many different ways, here the medicine ball is designed to be a slight unstable surface to work your muscles in a balancing fashion. We can change to angled push ups, kneeling push ups and supported push ups with a band to make them easier while you learn technique or overcome an injury.

How to get your personalised program.

To get your own personalised program book online or fill out our contact form. We look forward in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals!

Example Program

  • Pelvic curl x 10
  • Bridge x 10
  • Standing crab walk with stretch band x 5 each way
  • Stretch Band straight arm pull x 10
  • Stretch Band straight arm row x 10
  • Bent over row with dumbbells x 10
  • Band assisted pull ups x 10
  • Band assisted push ups with hands wide x 10
  • Band assisted push ups with hands narrow x 10
  • Stretches

If you want to learn more about how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, please contact us and one of our friendly Clinical Myotherapists will be in touch with you!

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