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The consultation fees menu is up to date as at July 2021. If you think there is an error or would like to suggest an update, please contact [email protected]

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Click here to find a time that suits you best! Our online booking system is instant. You will receive a confirmation email and a text reminder. Also look out for the Initial Consultation form to fill in, if you’re a new customer to Myothrive.


Our Practitioners

If you’d like to know more about our practitioners, you can do so by clicking here. All our practitioners are passionate about what they do and about customer care. We do lots of in house training and the senior team members give support and mentoring to the rest of the team so no matter who your appointment is with, you are getting top quality, expert advice and care. You may have noticed there are different consultation fees for senior therapists. By no means does this mean that our standard practitioners are inferior. Many of them also have years of experience. Our senior practitioners all hold a degree qualification and have significant extra training and experience in areas such as movement therapy, pain science or training relevant to their chosen speciality.

Here at Myothrive we like to go above and beyond and we are always thinking of ways we can support our members and our community. We offer workplace wellbeing initiative programs, remedy routine hand outs, a learning hub full of useful health related tips, regular social media tips, ongoing support via email if needed between sessions and have a wide range of health expert connections such as surgeons, functional practitioners, osteopaths and podiatrists.

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If you have a question for us, please use our bot in the bottom left hand corner. It will contact us with any queries it can’t answer straight away for you. We typically reply within the hour for general queries and within 1 business day for Myotherapy specific queries.

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