Rehabilitation Exercise Classes
Move a little today and your body will thank you tomorrow!

Are you up for some improved function? Do you need more energy & balance in your life? Do you have a musculoskeletal injury or something you want to work on improving? Then these classes are for you! We can help take you from injury to awesome! Scroll down to see details on each of the classes, view our timetable and enquire or book.

Types of Functional Exercise Classes

Restore & Retrain – A class using a combination of Pilates equipment, bands & small weights to help you restore function, retrain an old habit or rehabilitate following injury. The equipment can offload muscles and joints so you can safely move through healthy ranges of movement. As you get stronger we can use the same equipment in a new way to load your muscles or joints as needed. We can work deep core muscles and small intricate muscles as well as large muscle groups including global fitness. You will walk out of this class with some new knowledge about your body to take home and incorporate into your day to day life.

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Move & Lift – This class uses barbell weights, kettle bells, skipping ropes & power bands to help you strengthen & condition your body. We will be using these tools to strengthen muscles identified as either being weak or having poor firing patterns. Our focus is still on retraining and rehabilitating just using different equipment; however we can make you sweat if that’s what you’re after! You will leave this class feeling muscles you didn’t know you had, but in a good way!

Mobilise & Stretch – Stretch & mobilise your body from head to toe! Drawing on Pilates and Yoga philosophy this is a class designed to nimble you up. We will be using foam rollers and other kinds of massage tools combined with bands and mobility movements to give your body a reset for the week ahead. Some classes may be on the mat, other weeks you might be using equipment in a circuit type environment.You will leave this class feeling taller and light!

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Mobilising & Stretching is a great way to take care of your body and reset for the week ahead!

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