MYOTHERAPY & rehab exercise

Do you want freedom to move without pain?

We specialise in helping busy people get fast, effective pain relief by combining Clinical Myotherapy with world class movement therapy techniques. Although we are family friendly we also have loads of experience working with elite athletes and chronic pain conditions.

Our remedy routines for home or the office are deliberately kept simple, yet are highly effective. This means you are able to achieve increased pain relief outside the clinic – effectively learning how to treat yourself and keep yourself out of pain. We help people all over Australia.

Clinical Myotherapy

Targeted pain relief. A combination of hands on tools such as dry needling and trigger point therapy combined with world class movement therapy and easy to understand pain education. If your problem is related to joint, muscle or nerve, Myotherapy can help!

Rehab Exercise

A big part of feeling better is strengthening beyond your aggravating movement or activity. We use a combination of Pilates & strength training to balance your body to stop the pain returning over and over again. This can be done at home or with us.

Remedial Massage

We find some of our customers just need a really good loosen up, that’s why we offer Remedial Massage alongside our Myotherapy and Rehab Exercise consultations. Great for general muscle tension, pre or post sport and for stress relief.

Telehealth Consultations

We love helping people all over Australia with Telehealth or Online Consultations. We can help reduce pain and restriction, help you get back to an activity you love or check your desk, pillow or seating set up. We offer ongoing support to help keep you on track.


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our Team

Our team of Clinical Myotherapists all have extra qualifications that make them awesome at combining movement therapy and rehab exercises with Myotherapy modalities to restore movement and reduce pain for the long term. We get quick results so you can get back to doing what you love, then we work with you to make sure you stay that way!

Alana Shaw

Alana has Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Personal training & Pilates qualifications which she enjoys using with office workers, young mums and recreational exercisers on neck, back and shoulder complaints. After working in the field for some time now, Alana is completing her Clinical Myotherapy upgrade to gain even better knowledge & skills!

Rob Montagnese

Rob has both Myotherapy & Strength and Conditioning qualifications which he loves using to work with elite & recreational athletes to get gains in their chosen sport. Rob is hoping to study his Masters of Exercise Physiology in the near future to continue to gain knowledge and experience around how to get the best results for his customers.

Dwan Rosairo

Dwan has Myotherapy, McKenzie Method & Strength and Conditioning qualifications which she enjoys using to help elite and recreational gym goers, active mums and people with scoliosis. She believes with the right treatment and right movement therapy any body can safely move to be fit and healthy! Dwan is also available online.

Sarah Hall

Sarah has Clinical Myotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Personal Training & McKenzie Method qualifications which she loves using with kids and elderly alike to help them feel great and get back to doing what they love. She is currently studying her post grad in nutrition so she can further help people to reduce their pain naturally.

combining our skills, Solving your pain Problems.

Not only do we work well individually but we love working together as a team. We catch up weekly for team training & mentoring, to discuss cases that we can learn from and to pool our expertise to solve your pain problems even faster!





why choose us?

Myothrive is known as one of the leading and most professional Myotherapy clinics in Melbourne’s South East. We have 2 locations, in Mount Waverley & Glen Iris and offer Online Consultations for those who can’t make it into the clinic. We follow a common sense approach alongside the scientific method of “test & retest”. We are all highly qualified, share our knowledge with weekly get togethers and love the challenge of learning new things. A practice built on world class techniques, friendly faces & integrity.

Our Skills

The great thing about Myotherapy is the amount of tools we have in our tool kit. We can use massage techniques, dry needling, active cupping, trigger point therapy, mobilisation techniques, movement therapy and rehabilitation style exercises. At Myothrive as we have so much background in exercise and movement we can also take you beyond the initial healing phase all the way through to enhancing how you feel and perform. Why settle for pain free when you can feel amazing and excel! 

Did you know that most people will suffer some kind of musculoskeletal pain or injury in their life? Many people are left with recurring pain because they don’t continue getting help beyond the initial pain reduction phase. This is a big problem as it can easily progress into chronic pain conditions which require pain management and often drugs to get on top of.

  •  lifetime prevalence of back pain 70-90%
  • lifetime prevalence of neck pain – 22-70%
  • lifetime prevalence of chronic pain – 11-40%

From Our Customers

See what our customers have to say about or ability to help them achieve a pain free state and get back to doing what they love!

“amazing job at fixing my various aches and pains from my past life of gymnastics! Very highly recommended.”

Caity - Ex Gymnist

“experience and in-depth understanding of how to manage a body has successfully carried me through injuries and the most stubborn niggles.”Andrew – Dancer / Pilates Instructor

“my qualitiy of life has improved by my no longer being in pain. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has any muscular skeletal issues.”

Norman - Martial Arts Instructor

“I am fit as I am able to exercise more, my posture has improved greatly and as an added bonus I have lost 12 kg.”

Helen - Office Worker

Let’s get you pain free!
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