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We are looking for experienced myotherapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists & exercise physiologists to join the team.



Hi, I’m Sarah! I started MyoThrive in 2009 envisioning a msk multi-displinary clinic with Myotherapy at the core and with practitioners who all share the same core values and whose purposes align. Our purpose is to help get our customers out of pain quickly and effectively but also to educate them on how they can self manage their complaint for long term benefit.

About Us

We are a team of Clinical Myotherapists with extra training in things like McKenzie Method, Clinical Pilates and Strength & Conditioning coaching. We provide access to treatment tables and treatment tools as well as kettle bells, dumbbells, balls, bands and Pilates equipment including a reformer trapeze machine.

We are big on team fit and values as a first point of call. We expect all our team members to adopt our values which include results orientated, hungry for knowledge, happy & friendly, above & beyond and health orientated.

What we offer

Online Team Portal

Our Team Portal provides access to systems and processes, handouts for customers and keeping track of your performance as a practitioner.


Monthly Mentoring

One on one mentoring and support is offered on a monthly basis to help keep you on track, learn lots and not feel overwhelmed.


Fortnightly Team Training

In house training is provided once a fortnight to keep our brains active and learning new things.

Our Approach

We want our customers to be able to help themselves. That’s why we are big on education over jumping straight into hands on treatment. 

In a nutshell we want to find the root cause, relieve their current pain complaint as much as possible and give them some targeted exercises to help at home. Where we differ from other clinics is the gradual increase in strength and movement therapy so they learn how to treat themselves and to reduce the chance of the pain recurring again and again.

 Because we are so movement and exercise focused this has allowed us to move really effectively into the Telehealth space as well. We love teaching people online!

If you like what you are reading, we want to chat!

Note: Once you’ve scheduled your preferred day and time to chat with our manager (by clicking the link below), please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]


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