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Myotherapy Melbourne


A combination of hands on tools such as dry needling and trigger point therapy combined with movement therapy and easy to understand pain education. Degree qualification to help pain & restriction related to joint, musclenerve.

Physiotherapy Melbourne

Rehab Exercise

A big part of feeling better long term is strengthening. We use a combination of movement & strength to balance your body to stop the pain returning over and over again. This can be done at online or in either clinic location.

Massage Melbourne

Remedial Massage

We find some of our customers just need a really good loosen up, that’s why we offer Remedial Massage alongside our Myotherapy and Rehab Exercise consultations. Great for general muscle tension, pre or post sport and for stress relief.

Pain Relief Online


Shockwave Therapy is for persistent pain that needs help to get the healing phase reinitiated. It’s particularly helpful for tendon pain of the achilles, knee, shoulder and elbow. It can also help with some forms of arthritis and stubborn musculoskeletal complaints.

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