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 Choose a therapy you think suits your pain complaint best. Rest assured we will get to the bottom of your pain complaint and use all our available tools to solve your pain quickly and effectively no matter which consult type you choose!

Clinical Myotherapy

Targeted pain relief. A combination of hands on tools such as dry needling and trigger point therapy combined with world class movement therapy and easy to understand pain education. If your problem is related to joint, muscle or nerve, Myotherapy can help!

Rehab Exercise

A big part of feeling better is strengthening beyond your aggravating movement or activity. We use a combination of Pilates & strength training to balance your body to stop the pain returning over and over again. This can be done at home or with us.

Remedial Massage

We find some of our customers just need a really good loosen up, that’s why we offer Remedial Massage alongside our Myotherapy and Rehab Exercise consultations. Great for general muscle tension, pre or post sport and for stress relief.

Telehealth Consultations

We love helping people all over Australia with Telehealth or Online Consultations. We can help reduce pain and restriction, help you get back to an activity you love or check your desk, pillow or seating set up. We offer ongoing support to help keep you on track.

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