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How will Telehealth work? Also known as virtual, video or online consultations; this is where a trained health professional, such as a Myotherapist (that’s us), will take your through an assessment, instruct you how to treat yourself and build a remedy routine that you can continue with in your own time. You don’t need a lot of space nor do you need any special equipment. Please note that because the COVID-19 situation has happened so quickly we are unsure whether Telehealth consultations will be covered by private health insurance. Please contact your provider if this is important to you. Keep in mind we have significantly reduced our prices to help make them more affordable for you. And yes, you can get pain free through a online consultation! See our testimonials below.

“Dwan was able to assess my pain, provide a solution and look at the faults in my movement that caused the problem in the first place. Oh by the way, this was all done over a video call! Would highly recommend her to anyone.”

John (from video) – 20/03/2020