Naturally increase your spine rotation! Have you ever reached into the back of the car and thought – “I’m sure that used to be easier” or felt stiff in your usually easy yoga poses or perhaps its beyond restriction and you now have pain in your mid back area? Who ever you are, pain or no pain, noticed restriction or not, you need to try this exercise – its safe and feels amazing. It can even help increase your ability to breath easy!

Check out the video below for Dwan and Sarah demonstrating some thoracic movement using movement therapy to increase range of motion!

If you’re still experiencing pain after doing the suggested exercise to increase your thoracic rotation come in for a session. We can assess what the problem is, offer treatment techniques and take home advice. We are a growing clinic of degree qualified practitioners. We are located in the south eastern suburb of Melbourne; Mount Waverley. We are close to surrounding suburbs such as Oakleigh, Burwood, Glen Waverley, Glen Iris, Malvern and Huntingdale.

The McKenzie method is a joint movement based treatment that can be very effective with stiff and painful spine rotation. To experience this treatment please book with Sarah Hall. Movement therapy can be used to get you out of pain, to retrain something, to strengthen something or to stretch something.

If you are experiencing restricted spine rotation coupled with extreme pain you should see your doctor. This is especially so if your pain is referring anywhere or giving you pain at night that isn’t easily settled. Also if you are having breathing difficulties.

Which therapy is right for me?