As requested by one of our customers, this neck traction exercise is a way you can achieve relief of neck pain, tightness and headaches at home.

In the video below I’ve used a medium strength stretch band and a car seatbelt cover to create comfort for doing neck traction at home. You just need to find somewhere to attach it such as the stair railing, the bed post, a kitchen leg. Something that’s sturdy enough you won’t risk dragging it across the room!

Give this neck traction exercise a go if you have neck pain, neck tightness or a mild headache you think might be coming from your neck. You will notice in the video I tested my neck range of movement before and after; you may wish to do the same thing. I found my range of movement slightly improved after approximately 60 seconds of traction. My neck pain and headache reduced too however after about half an hour at the computer my pain returned. If this happens you could try repeating the exercise every hour and see if that helps. Consider that treatment may be better suited to you for the neck traction exercise to be effective.

If you pain in severe or not responding to the exercise you should seek advice from a professional straight away. At Waverley Myotherapy Clinic we can help with our assessment, treatment and take home advice. Book here

Hope this helps!

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