Interested in running but not sure how to do right by your body? Here are some post running tips for muscle health. Not getting the results your after? Come in for a Myotherapy session at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic for tailored advice and muscle treatment. Myotherapists are degree qualified and can give amazing tips and stretches to help your recover post run!

Post Running Tips – Stretching

Get a stretching session in before you cool down. Stretch the following and hold each stretch for 30 seconds. I have made all stretches standing in case there’s no where to safely get down on the ground.

Calves the back of your lower leg. A great post running stretch.

calf stretch, post running tip

Hamstrings are found at the back of your thigh. Depending on your run technique these can be important for you to stretch after a run.

Hamstring-Stretch, post running tip

Quads are on the front of your thigh. A very important post run stretch.

Quad Stretch, post running tip

Glutes are a fancy name for your backside muscles, they work hard during a run so very important to give them a good post run stretch.

glute stretch, post running tip

Pecs are found of the front of your chest from your arm to your breast bone – they can get tight from slouching during a run so can be an important one to stretch after a run.

pec stretch, post running tip

Lats are found on the side of your body from your arm to your back – they work hard as your arms swing during running an as they attach into the back they help hold your chest up. Therefore they are very important to stretch after a run.

lat stretch, post running tip

Post Running Tips – Release Trigger Points

If you felt any specific areas of tightness when you stretched try releasing the spot with a spiky ball, lacrosse ball or foam roller for 60 seconds before attempting the running stretch again.

Post Running Tips – Cool Down Walk

Go for a short 10 minute walk a couple of hours after your run and repeat post running tips 1 and 2.

Post Running Tip – Hydration

Set alarms on your phone to remind you to rehydrate throughout the rest of the day. Your body absorbs water better when taken in small amounts throughout the day. Dilute gatorade or similar in water to add salts and sugars back in. 1 part gatorade to 3 parts water is a good ratio. You can also make your own with a little sea salt such as Himalayan salt which is has trace minerals our body can’t make that you sweated out during your run.

Post Running Tips – Injury Management

Get any injuries assessed as soon as possible to get fastest recovery time without any annoying complications. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate before you can get to your appointment.

Note: If your into using mobilisation techniques such as flossing or wearing post running exercise compression gear do it, it aids recovery enormously! I prefer to show people how to do this properly in a 1 on 1 session before they try it for the first time, so I would only try this if you have done it before with a professionals help.

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