Have you ever experienced low back pain that is also a pain in your bottom?

When back pain strikes it is hard to know what to do or how to become pain free again. Clinical Myotherapist Dwan Rosairo explains lower back and leg referral pain to you!

What is it and why does it occur?

Low back pain at any stage of life is inconvenient!

Generally speaking, it’s due to repetitive movement and has a gradual onset. Sometimes though, it occurs due to a sudden movement when gardening or picking washing up off the floor. This added load on your muscles, joints and nerves/nervous system makes your body go into a protective spams to try protective itself. You then feel discomfort that can sometimes leave you feeling quite “stuck”.

You may think your leg or gluteal muscle is the problem because thats where you feel it. It is very common for the primary cause of your leg pain to be your low back. There are multiple forms and causes of low back pain so it is always a good idea to seek professional advice to see exactly what treatment and exercises are going to be right for you.

The pain cycle begins from the initial injury and continues until there is a treatment that tells it otherwise. Early intervention is key into breaking your pain cycle quickly and efficiently.

How do we treat it?

Assessment of your lower spine is done through Orthopaedic tests and movement, we will test a varied of structures to rule in or out what may be the cause.

Mckenzie Method is used at Myothrive clinic to restore the fault of movement and interrupt this cycle. The Mckenzie Method is repeated movement into your end range testing, together with sustained postural loading to determine the effect on your symptoms. The therapist is trained to interpret the effect of these movements and postures on your symptoms and hopefully use an “easing” movement to decrease your discomfort. The method is empowering as it allows you to take control of your pain symptoms and treatment plan. If you are experiencing discomfort down your legs or into your hip, we want the movement we prescribe you to to move and centralise to make it easier to get rid off all together.

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