Myotherapist Alana Shaw is sharing one of her favourite spine mobility exercises. You can see her before and after the exercise to get an idea of how this exercise can help increase your range of movement.

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How does this help back pain?

This exercise targets the mid back area. The mid back is best at rotating and forward bending. The lower back is more designed for side and back bending movements. When rotation is restricted in the mid back then your lower back will often compensate. This leads to pain and dysfunction.

Signs you need to increase spine mobility

If you have been experiencing stiffness or pain in the back, there is a good change you need to increase spine rotation. Other signs include difficulty head checking in the car, difficulty with twisting exercises in yoga, pilates or at the gym and problems with biomechanics with sport or activities you enjoy. Even hip and knee pain can be related to a stiffness in your ability to rotate your spine. If you’re unsure what is causing your pain, come see us for some tailored advice. Click here to see when we are free to help you.

Spine Mobility in day to day life

  • Getting a cup out of the cupboard
  • Rolling over in bed at night
  • Playing Tennis
  • Playing Golf
  • Walking and Running
  • Head checking whilst riding a bike
  • Turning to chat to someone in the library or at school
  • Sorting papers in to piles
  • Folding washing
  • Playing with kids or pets

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