FAQ Series – Why Focus on Posture?

When you have poor posture it can lead to neck and shoulder complaints. Watch Sarah explain the biomechanics of what might be happening to your neck and shoulders.

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Do you have poor posture?

To assess if this is a problem you might need to address, get someone to take a photo of you from the side on profile, just as Sarah stands side on in the video. If your ear is forward of your shoulder or if your shoulders and ears are forward of the centre of your hips you might have posture that could be affecting your neck and shoulders in a negative way.


It’s one thing to treat and manage poor posture but it’s good to know what things might be causing it so you can start to make some positive lifestyle changes too. The most common causes of poor posture we see in the clinic are:

  • Sitting at a desk for work without regular breaks
  • Studying at a desk without regular breaks
  • Imbalanced upper body or core exercise programs
  • Side sleeping without adequate support
  • Couch potato syndrome
  • Gaming without adequate support
  • Overuse of iphone/ipad
  • Lack of awareness of posture
  • Poor biomechanics during sport such as tennis or golf
  • Sustained hunched posture for work
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At Waverley Myotherapy Clinic we like to address the underlying cause of a musculoskeletal complaint just as much as getting rid of your pain and symptoms. Addressing your posture may be part of this process. We start with a thorough assessment regarding your complaint. We then offer treatment to begin the healing process and offer a home management plan so you can continue to heal at home. Once your pain or complaint is starting to settle we can address the underlying causes such as posture, weakness or lifestyle factors.

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