Do you UNDERSTAND your pain?

Did you know you can change your pain at a cellular level by how much knowledge you have about your pain? Its called Pain Re- education which turns into Cellular Adaptation. Yes, the more you know, the more you feel better. Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to your pain.

Current day research states, how we think about our pain can change the way it feels and how we respond to it. So lets make a conscious effort to understand pain and gain control over it.

“1 in 4 experience persistence pain”… its time to relearn your pain and tame the beats.


Did you know?, pain isn’t an actual representer of tissue damage, it is a protector. Unfortunately due life stimuli and pre-learnt predictions our pain system can be overprotective and always hurt!

“You can have pain without any physical stimuli. Thoughts and places might activate the warning signals.”

How do you know when your nervous system is learning pain? Your pain may spread or come on without warning. You are more sensitive to other life variables like sleep and movement that cause pain. When your nervous system is over active, you need to recondition it and calm it down so it can work better. In other words your body needs to unlearn your persistent pain pathways.

How can you tame the beast? Pain is a very personal thing. Theres not one size fits all strategy. Modern day medicine states the new approach to reducing your pain. One that involves re training your pain system. Moving more and being honest about your current views and attitude towards pain. The more you know, the more you can help yourself with the tools your physical therapist and you have come up with.

Flippin’ our understanding of pain

Another resource that complements what you’ve learnt from the above video and description is from a UK team that has started a campaign called the “Flippin’ Pain Formula”. It goes through 5 well researched messages and explains these concepts to you in different ways, so you can better understand pain.

Here are the 5 key concepts of the “Flippin’ Pain Formula” –

  1. Persistence pain is COMMON and can affect anyone
  2. HURT doesn’t always mean harm
  3. EVERYTHING matters when it comes to pain
  4. MEDICINE and surgeries aren’t always the answer
  5. UNDERSTANDING your pain can be key
  6. RECOVERY is possible

Click the link below to access these resources to help gain the knowledge you need to fix your pain.

Got something from this blog? By explaining what you’ve learnt increases your chances of this new information making cellular adaptations long term in your brain! There are so many resources out there to help YOU retrain your pain system. Reach out if you want to know more and need some guidance on where to start.

Its time to rethink pain! 

REFERENCES – Flippin Pain Formula and Tame the Beast.

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