ASSESS > TREAT > THRIVE! That’s our motto here at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic. Our long term goal for you is to return you to doing what you love. For some people that will be marathons and for others it will be their weekly yoga class. Whatever your fitness fun we will help you recover, return and excel!

How we can help you.

At Waverley Myotherapy Clinic, we will use a evidence based approach to relieve your pain and restriction. If you choose to stay on board with us all the way from recovery to excelling at your chosen activities this is what will be involved. 3-6 sessions aimed at reducing your symptoms; 1-3 sessions to teach you movements to retrain your body; 1-3 sessions based around strength and conditioning then on going maintenance tune ups for as long as you desire. Most of our patients find a follow up every 1-3 months very helpful so you may find that works for you as well.

What your first session will be like.

First we will assess your complaint. We may test your reflexes, your range of movement or do some more specialised tests to determine the cause of your pain and restriction. This will give us information on what area to treat you and what treatment tools might work best on you.

Next we treat based on our assessment findings. We have a range of treatment techniques and tools we can use depending on factors such as; the type of musculoskeletal problem we have assessed that you have; what modalities have worked for you in the past and what you are comfortable with trying. For example, if dry needling has worked for you in the past, we will incorporate dry needling into your treatment regime to give you the best outcome.

Next we re-test you to make sure we are getting the desired results. We want to make sure we are on the right track, so the next thing to do is re assess what we tested at the start of the session. We are looking for things like improved range of motion, return of sensation or strength, reduced pain on certain actions and so on.

Finally we offer advice on how to continue to make gains at home on your own. We will discuss with you what we think is appropriate and get your input to make sure time and lifestyle are taken into consideration. Most of the advice we give you is very simple such as a lifestyle modification, other times we recommend a special exercise or movement. More often than not you can continue your ‘fitness fun’ with a few tips on what to avoid.

Your future with Waverley Myotherapy.

As mentioned at the start, once we have your complaint under control we will then move into the retraining phase. This phase is about undoing any mental barriers surrounding your injury. If your brain holds on to the old patterning you are more likely to re-injure youself; something we are sure you’d like to avoid.

Once your body is showing signs of not holding back surrounding your previous pain and restriction (some of our patients forget which side their injury was on!) we will begin to strengthen and condition you for your chosen sport or activity. This may involves core exercises, global exercises and sport specific exercises.

In no time you will be eyeing off your next mountain to climb, triathalon to run or wave to surf. Whatever it is you love and are itching to get back to our approach of ASSESS > TREAT > THRIVE will help you across the line!

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