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      Research Supports Telehealth

      Research Supports Telehealth

      The not so latest tech trend in 2021 thanks to COVID -19 is Telehealth or online consultations. Telehealth in the Myotherapy world is a treatment, consultation and exercise session all achieved online, one-to-one. It’s a pain relief option you can access from your home and it’s actually been around for a while. Long enough to have some significant research backing it. The sentiment of the findings has not changed either, with many favourable outcomes supporting Telehealth. In fact, Telehealth rehabilitation outcomes were the same, if not better, than in person care.

      See the video below where Clinical Myotherapist Sarah is conducting a Telehealth consultation.

      Sarah says: “This video gives you a great idea of what to expect during your own session. We were able to assess and find a relieving exercise for the neck, mid back and low back all in one session! I then sent this customer an email containing her program with the correct technique, reps and sets of each exercise. There was not a laundry list of things to do either, just the things that actually made her feel better as she was already very active and I wanted her to continue on with that as much as possible.”

      Evidence Telehealth works.

      Have a look for yourself. Head to the leading Online Physiotherapist Karen Finnin’s blog “List of Research Articles About Telehealth In Physiotherapy” to see an updated list of physical therapy and physiotherapy papers supporting Telehealth. There is plenty of research on the validity, safety and effectiveness of Telehealth.

      Did you know that Myotherapy uses the same approach as Physiotherapy?

      In fact the Clinical Myotherapy is a 4 year Bachelor degree focusing just on the musculoskeletal system. In that time we learn loads of corrective / rehabilitative ways to help customers achieve a pain free state. You could say Clinical Myotherapy is taking one part of Physiotherapy and specialising in just that one area, the musculoskeletal system.

      What to expect from a Myotherapy Telehealth Consultation.

      Step 1.

      We listen to the customers complaint and get subjective information and to gain clarity around what the problem is. This is done through a form that you can fill out in your own time before you e- meet your physical therapist. Problems that need a GP referral and or a scan can also be picked in stage 1 / 2.

      Next you will be sent a link before your appointment and join the video call using secure software.

      Step 2.

      By this stage, we already have some differential diagnosis on what is causing your pain and how to fix it. We now need to assess your movement of the joint involved and surrounding areas to gain objective information to formulate your treatment plan.

      Step 3.

      We direct you on different treatment techniques to try and alleviate the pain or restriction. This might include movement through The Mckenzie Method, self release techniques and or a muscular activation exercises.

      Step 4.

      Next we retest the original assessed areas to see if we have improvement in pain and or movement.

      Step 5.

      Then we discuss what we have done, why it has helped and make sure you understand how you felt better. We finalise a specialised management plan using what we have identified to have helped in the session, so you can continue to improve without us. This will include what lifestyle factors are inhibiting your recovery, your goals and the plan moving into the next session. “Our aim is to teach you how to govern your own treatment plan and have control of your own body.” 


      Booking a follow up session allows us to keep progressing your treatment to make sure what we are doing is going to help for the longer term. We are likely to change or add to your program overtime so you continue to make progress. How follow ups progress will depend on lifestyle factors and other underlying factors. For example if the pain has been there for years already there might be a few layers to peel back compared to a newer pain complaint.

      Check ins. We keep in close contact via email, text or phone call to ensure your program is on track to achieving your pain and movement goals.

      Referral if needed. If for some reason we are not progressing, rest assured we will get you to the right health professional to assist you further. This might be to a GP so you can continue your management plan or it might be a scan to better understand what is going on.

      How can we help?

      Via a online consultation you can book in for –

      • Initial / follow up or maintenance session
      • Clinical exercises session (Strength, flexibility, pilates, HIIT session)
      • Take home exercise program  / review exercise program
      • Ergonomic set up of desk / car or other activities you do each day
      • Running biomechanics check or biomechanics checks of common exercises that might be being done wrong to your body. e.g. deadlifts, kettle bell swings, push ups and pilates/ gym style exercises.

      Myotherapist Sarah’s experience with using Telehealth to help friends and family back home.

      “I’ve been using the idea of online consultations for some time now. I used to have time to travel home to country Victoria and help friends and family. After a few years, due to time constraints, I could only get back for special occasions. The usual story!

      I still wanted to help people so I started asking if we could chat via phone or video to see if I could help them. The results we got were amazing. Research has caught up to my experience and shows that indeed staying “hands off” can be beneficial for recovery from pain and injury. This is because I’m teaching tools to help the customer get themselves out of pain.

      I encourage anyone experiencing pain or restriction that can’t get to the clinic to give this a go. Whether you live interstate, are feeling unwell or on holidays. This can absolutely help you, the research supports it!”

      How to make a start.

      If you’d like to try an online consultation with us, simply head to our booking page here and give it a try. We have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend availability. We are currently offering a free 15 minute assessment with a fully qualified Clinical Myotherapist. If you’d like to take advantage of this no obligation offer please fill out the form below.

      Testimonial from happy Telehealth Customer

      “Dwan was able to assess my pain, provide a solution and look at the faults in my movement that caused the problem in the first place. Oh by the way, this was all done over a video call! Would highly recommend her to anyone.” John 20/03/2020.

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