We treat Shoulder Pain involving Joint, Muscle and Nerve

shoulder-painDo you have shoulder pain that just won’t budge?

You’ve come to the right place! We are experts in the treatment of shoulder pain.

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Here’s how we are going to help get rid of your shoulder pain.

Step 1. We assess the underlying cause of your shoulder pain.

Step 2. We treat to get rid of any current symptoms.

Step 3. We help to identify triggers to stop the shoulder pain coming back time and time again.

Step 4. We teach you exercises specific to combating the underlying cause of your shoulder pain.

Here’s the main treatment techniques we are going to use to get rid of your shoulder pain.

  • Dry Needling to release active trigger points referring into your pain zone
  • Active Cupping to release tight fascia that’s stopping the muscles from moving freely
  • Joint Mobilisation to release locked up joints creating “danger signals” in your nervous system
  • Manual trigger point release for those who prefer not to use dry needling
  • Deep Massage techniques to calm the nervous system by creating a release of endorphins and other feel good hormones to help relieve pain naturally

We can use one or several of these techniques. It’s all about coming up with a plan that’s going to work best for you however we will not use a treatment technique that you aren’t comfortable with.

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Here are some common types of shoulder pain we can help with.

  • Rotator cuff partial tear
  • Referred pain from neck
  • Upper trapezius spasm
  • Rotator cuff imbalance
  • Tight pectoralis minor muscle
  • Tight infraspinatus muscle
  • Weak serratus anterior muscle
  • Winging of the shoulder blade
  • Weak subscapularis muscle
  • Weak lower trapezius muscle
  • Trapped nerve
  • Bursitis
  • General tightness from work and hobbies

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What if I don’t have time to do my exercises?

Just like you, we run pretty tight schedules too. Between work, family commitments, social engagements and the mundane stuff like brushing our teeth, there is barely any time left in the day! That’s why we only give you exercises that are easy to fit into your routine and that are actually going to work. How do we know they are going to work? Because we test them while you are with us in the clinic to make sure. The last thing we want to do is get you doing an exercise that isn’t actually going to help. You’d be amazed how many times new patients have brought in their exercise regimes given by other health practitioners with 10 or more exercises which take them up to 30 minutes a day to get through. I don’t know about you, but to us, that’s unrealistic and frankly unnecessary!

I’ve already had my work space assessed, what more can you do to identify triggers?

The correct work space set up is absolutely important but it’s not the only thing that’s likely to effect you shoulder pain. I had a patient recently who had ongoing shoulder pain no one was able to figure out. Our treatment and exercises definitely helped but there was something that was consistently re-aggravating it. We went through all the usual problems but couldn’t seem to find the cause. Finally he mentioned his desk set up was relatively new and although it had been assessed they all had to take their laptops to and from their desks each day. This meant he was carting his laptop home every night together with a few work files as well. When he sat in his car he would use his left arm to throw the laptop bag onto the passenger seat. As soon as we changed to using 2 hands to place the laptop bag down, the aggravation stopped and we were able to properly rehab his shoulder!

We talk to you and get to know you and your lifestyle so we tend to pick up on contributing factors that other clinicians miss. Sometimes it’s the pillow, the couch, the laptop on the table at home or driving in the car but it’s worth getting our help to pinpoint which things to change as it would be quite expensive to go get a new pillow, new couch, new desk and a new car only to find out, you’re still getting pain! We won’t just randomly suggest things, we take into consideration the underlying cause, the patterns of your pain, you lifestyle, your posture and so forth to create a hypothesis on what’s most likely to be contributing to your shoulder pain.

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This sounds amazing! But I’m guessing this is going to cost a bit and take lots of sessions?

  • Expect results from the first session and to move into a maintenance program after between 3 and 6 sessions.
  • HICAPs on site means if you have Private Health Insurance Extras cover for Myotherapy or Remedial Massage you will only have to pay the gap.
  • Our philosophy is to become your musculoskeletal health coach, not your pain clinician – Unlike other health practitioners we don’t want you reliant on treatment to solve your problem, we want you empowered and helping yourself through our advice on exercises and modifications. This means better outcomes and you referring us to all your friends and family too!
  • Although all our therapists hold the highest degree qualifications and continue education each year, it is one of our values to keep our costs as low as possible. Therefore we have a system where you only pay for the time required to treat your condition, we don’t do extra fluff stuff. So, sorry if you’re after a nice relaxing foot soak, but that’s just not what we do!

So in short, no, it’s not going to cost you the earth to get rid of your back pain and it’s not going to take all your time or all your will power!

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I’ve tried it all before with little result. What will you do if I don’t get better?

We have great referrals in Mount Waverley and the surrounding suburbs should we require further intervention to diagnose your neck pain.

For example, one of my patients had a fall in the supermarket. It wasn’t his fault, someone had left the grocery baskets right in the middle of the walkway and due to the place being packed, he didn’t see them. He was referred by his GP who didn’t think it was anything too serious and he was getting better after each session so we thought we were on the right track. However there were a few ranges of movements that he reported would quickly deteriorate after the treatment no matter what he did so we decided we better do a scan just to make sure there was no serious damage. Turns out he had completely torn several rotator cuff tendons but due to his high pain tolerance and being strong in other muscles he was getting by without them. Now he is going down the surgery path and continuing to work with me to keep everything strong so he has a good recovery.

I must add, this is a very rare circumstance and very unlikely to be the cause of your pain, however, it demonstrates we are able to accept when something isn’t adding up and refer you.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here today, how can I get in touch?

If you have further questions please email [email protected] or call (03) 98883473 and we will get back to you. Alternatively when you make a booking, leave your question in the comments section and we’ll get back to you before you come in.


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