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Myotherapy Treats Running Pain, Injuries & Conditions Related to Joint, Muscle & Nerve

We are passionate about helping runners overcome pain to get them back doing what they love without hesitation! Clinical Myotherapy can treat sprained ankles, runners knee (aka ITB friction syndrome), hip pain and injury, shin splints. We use dry needling, myofascial cupping, massage, movement therapy and advice on technique, shoes and pre and post run routines.

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The Waverley Myotherapy Method To Relieve Your Pain

First we assess to see if your issue is biomechanical (example: the joints are misaligned) or pathophysiological (example: inflammation) because they require completely different treatment protocols.

We then use a range of treatment techniques including mobilisation, dry needling and taping depending on what the cause is. The first phase is to get ahead of the pain or injury cycle.

Next we want to retrain your body so it knows its safe to run again otherwise it can start to become a trigger for the pain or injury coming back. We like to use a video of your running technique to work on specific issues that might be the underlying aggravator.

Next we add targeted exercises specific to what we find. This can be used to maintain a pain free state or we can move forward to strengthening and conditioning your body to help you excel if you have a specific goal in mind.

Correct Assessment + Specialised Treatment + Targeted Exercises = Happy Runners!

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