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TMJ solution using Myotherapy techniques

TMJ (jaw pain) is not pleasant so our immediate goal is to reduce your pain. Once we have your flare up under control we then address the underlying problem so it doesn’t recur over and over again. Sometimes this means addressing postural changes or your work set up, sometimes it means retraining your nervous system away from the pain cycle.

We can offer immediate relief of your TMJ Syndrome using Myotherapy techniques. We use dry needling, mobilisation techniques, massage and advice on things to alter to improve your pain and symptoms.

You may be experiencing, jaw pain, clicking jaw, headaches, teeth ache or a stiff, tight neck. All these symptoms can be part of TMJ Syndrome. You can expect to see results quickly with Myotherapy. If we don’t get results we refer you because usually it means there is something else going on.

Not only will we address you TMJ symptoms we will look at the cause so we can stop it recurring. Often it is associated with underlying neck or upper back issues. Sometimes stress is a contributor or posture when working at the computer.

A little bit more about our modalities in tmj treatment

Myotherapists use dry needling which is like acupuncture for muscles. We can use it around the neck, shoulders, jaw and face to relieve your symptoms. Dry needling gives some of the best results for TMJ syndrome.

We also use pain and injury massage. We identify the tight areas first using assessment techniques so we don’t waste time and can get right into the areas that need it most. The temples and jaw respond really well to massage techniques.

Myotherapy uses mobilisation techniques. In most cases we can even teach you some simple mobilisation release techniques that you can use at home.

Most importantly we want to stop your pain from returning so we will help you address things like your pillow, the foods you eat and the way you eat (usually short term), your posture and any lifestyle factors we pick up on in our initial assessment.

We hope we have helped you understand a little more about how Myotherapy works to treat TMJ syndrome. If you have any other queries for us please get in contact.

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