Skye Meredith

Skye Meredith Myotherapist

Skye is a remedial massage therapist currently completing her Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy. She has previously treated some of the top AFL, NRL and women’s cricket teams.

Skye has a special interest in lower limb issues, all things tendon and sporting related. She is our in house shockwave therapy consultant for all chronic tendon and musculoskeletal issues.

Skye has always had a love of running from little athletics and cross country as a kid to competing in ultra trail running events all over the world as an adult while practicing yoga for the last 6 years. Injuries have meant learning the importance of proactive and functional rehabilitation and correct treatment options for the best outcome.

She wanted to do the Clinical Myotherapy degree to keep others moving and achieve their goals from running ultras to chasing their kids around the backyard. Having treated elite athletes Skye understands how beneficial hands on treatments are for recovery and addressing little niggles that arise, especially when mixed with patient education and movement for a more holistic approach to patient care.

In treatment with Skye you’ll likely receive manual therapy techniques such as massage and cupping, and shockwave therapy. She has a passion for living life the way you want and believes movement of all kinds plays a big role in achieving that.

Hours of Availability

Monday 11am – 7pm

Tuesday 3pm-7pm

Wednesday 7am – 1pm

Saturday (alternating) 7am – 1.30pm

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