Are you interested in Myofascial Cupping for pain relief?

Our Clinical Myotherapists are highly trained in the use of Myofascial Cupping for the relief of pain and injury and for improving conditions of the musculoskeletal system as well as increasing flexibility.

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What does cupping involve?

Myofascial cups are used over identified painful areas to gently lift the underlying tissues. We often use the cups in cases where pressure point technique is sharp in nature and unbearable. After cupping the sharpness eases off and then we can Trigger Point deeper into the muscle where it is needed. We use it a lot with athletes for recovery from exercise and with fascia based conditions such as ITB syndrome. It’s particularly helpful for conditions of the rotator cuff and hip muscles but can also be used on calves, the back and neck as well.

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Is Myofascial Cupping safe?

Yes. We use plastic cups with a suction mechanism so as to control the amount of suction being used. Beware as some older techniques that use a glass cup and ignition (often using a alcohol swab and a match) to create the suction which can cause burning and leave scars.

Our Clinical Myotherapists are highly experienced in the assessment, treatment and management of all sorts of muscle pains. Keep reading to find out a bit about how we treat and the techniques we use.

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