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Whether it’s a relaxing facial, a skin repair need or a pain reduction LED you’re after, David from Waverley LED and facials has you covered! Click here to find a time that suits you best!

Meet David! Teacher by day and LED light therapy consultant by night! He has certification in LED light Therapy from Clairderm Medical Aesthetics Australia, The Global Beauty Group and SkinMed Australia, in low level lasers and in skin and facials.

What is LED and Near Infrared Light Therapy? And how is this helpful? If you have any skin issues, the right type of light or infrared waves can penetrate deep into your skin layers to rejuvenate, boost collagen production, reduce redness, enhance hair growth and reduce acne to name a few. Some of the therapeutic wave lengths, particularly near infrared (NIR) can even assist with pain reduction and tissue healing in relation to musculoskeletal injury! 

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