Relief From Gardening Aches & Pains

Do you have a pain or injury from Gardening? We can help relieve all kinds of gardening pain and injuries involving joint, muscle, tendon and nerve.

Our Clinical Myotherapists are highly experienced in the assessment, treatment and management of all sorts of gardening injuries, aches and pains including back pain and knee pain which seem to be the most common areas of complaint from gardening.

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Here’s some of our treatment stories you might relate to, or perhaps you know a friend who has had something similar?

Complaint 1: Knee pain from gardening. Can’t knee down any more and has trouble squatting.

Diagnosis: Some arthritis present causing the muscles around the knee to go into a protective spasm. Sometimes this is referred to as patella mal tracking or patello femoral syndrome. We treat this by relieving the muscle tension, gently mobilisation the joint to aid lubrication and alignment of the joint surfaces as well as easy and gentle exercises to help keep the alignment right and keep the muscles from spasming.


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Complaint 2: Back pain from gardening. Didn’t happen straight away, went in to sit and have a glass of water, when the patient went to stand up it was very stiff and painful. Walking around helped but still finding it hard to completely straighten up.

Diagnosis: Disc irritation of the lower back. We treat this by relieving the muscle spasms around the area and by using gentle mobilisation techniques to calm down the disc irritation. We also give some simple and gentle exercises to help keep the irritation down until the pain cycle has stopped then the exercises are about strengthening the area so it doesn’t recur.

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Complaint 3: Rib pain from a fall in the garden. Was cutting some branches down and fell onto a pile of rubbish. The doctor said nothing is broken and that if it doesn’t feel better in a week or so to see a Myotherapist.

Diagnosis: Soft tissue damage from the fall has left the fascia and surrounding muscles in a spasm. We used cupping and soft massage to gently relieve the tension. We also used a gentle mobilisation technique to aid rotation range of motion through through the body which was very limited.

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Complaint 4: Shoulder pain after using a hedge trimmer for a couple of hours.

Diagnosis: Rotator Cuff Impingement. There’s not much space where some of the rotator cuff muscles have to exit through to attach onto the arm so if any fluid or inflammation occurs it is easy for impingement to occur. We treated this with some dry needling and massage as well as gentle joint mobilisation to re align the joint properly. We also gave exercises with a stretch band to help keep the movement in the joint and return the strength to the area so it doesn’t happen again.

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