Daniel Dixon

Daniel has a passion for keeping you moving and doing the things you love.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapist) degree and also has experience as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

Growing up Daniel had a keen interest in sport having played football, basketball, cricket and baseball. Frustrated with injuries and setbacks, Daniel gained a passion for understanding the mechanisms behinds sports related injuries which led him to a career as a Myotherapist.

Daniel enjoys using his knowledge as a Myotherapist to help others achieve their goals and keep doing the things they love. Daniel has a passion for movement and exercise and a special interest in treating sports related injuries, tendon injuries, back pain, neck pain, jaw, headaches and persistent pain. He also enjoys working with others to figure out what works best for them. 

Daniel uses a full-body approach as a Myotherapist that takes lifestyle, fitness and overall health into consideration. This helps identify effective treatment strategies for short-term and long-term health. These strategies include massage therapy, dry needling, myofascial cupping, exercise and movement therapy, activity and lifestyle modifications.

Outside of work you’ll find Daniel enjoying a Richmond Tigers game, running or listening to music. When you are in the clinic you can chat to Daniel about movies/TV shows, dogs, sport and music. 

Hours of Availability

Monday 3-7pm

Tuesday 3-7pm

Wednesday 8am-12pm 

Thursday 8am-12pm / 2-6pm

Saturday (Alternate) 8am-12pm

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