Myotherapy Testimonials

Thank you to everyone who has rated us on facebook or sent us a Myotherapy testimonial, it helps our business to grow! Have a read through the following Myotherapy testimonials to see what conditions we might be able to help you with.

4th Feb 2014
Quality service, knowledge and skills! Thanks Sarah.
My back, neck and rotated torso always feels so much better after a visit.

12 Feb 2014
Sarah does an amazing job at fixing my various aches and pains from my past life of gymnastics! Very highly recommended

Wrist pain from a fracture gone!
Over 6 months after my broken wrist had healed I still had pain, the specialist said that I would probably never rid of this pain and that there was nothing that could be done. Luckily I gave Myotherapy a try! Sarah used dry needling and massage and gave me exercises to do. Now my wrist is pain free I can even do a few push ups!

Knee pain gone!
I would like to tell you of my experience with Sarah. After a sporting injury to my knee about 18 months ago, I was in pain for many months and it kept getting worse, to the point where my wife made an appointment to see our local GP. He referred me to get an ultra sound and an x-ray of the knee, then to come and see him again two weeks later. His diagnosis was that the knee needs rest, I should not do sport and I should continue wearing a knee brace for six weeks. Then through our good friends at Belstack we were informed of Sarah, we made an appointment next time she was in Shepparton.
Sarah went through my history and what I have done in the past. Sarah went to work on the knee; there was a lot of tweaking of muscles going on. She gave me some exercises to do at home that were simple and quick. I wore a knee brace for the next day as I had for the previous six months or so, buy by the afternoon, I took it off. The knee felt better than it had for well over a year. I wore a brace to sport for the following 3 weeks just as a precaution, but have now taken that off also.
I have been back to Sarah to do some fine adjustments on my knee and back, just a few visits have improved mu qualitiy of motion and my ability to continue with my sport. I am extremely happy that I found an alternative solution to my doctors advice. I highly recommend Sarah; my qualitiy of life has improved by my no longer being in pain. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has any muscular skeletal issues.
Norman Kroan

Treatment of varying injuries allowed love of dancing to continue!
As a dancer and budding pilates instructor, my body is my most essential tool. Sarah’s experience and in-depth understanding of how to manage a body has successfully carried me through injuries and the most stubborn niggles. Sarah is now an intergral part of my body maintenece program – I don’t know what I’d do without her!
Andrew Firth
26 Years Old

Quality of life Improved!
After suffering from chronic back pain for many years, I was advised by my GP to start a program to improve my core strength. After several months of searching I found Lindy and the Waverley Pilates Centre, the difference these classes have made to my everyday life has been incredible.
Great care is taken by Lindy and the team in creating a program that suits your particular needs; the classes are small and personalized so you get the appropriate amount of attention . Not only do I attend Pilates class once a week I also see Sarah for Myotherapy sessions. A year on and I am able to move freely, I am fit as I am able to exercise more, my posture has improved greatly and as an added bonus I have lost 12 kg.
Thank-you Lindy, Pia and Sarah for giving me my life back, not only has my physical health improved but so has my confidence”.
Helen F.

Treated leg and back problem to be able to continue loved exercise!
“As a recreational weightlifter with a history of leg/back soreness and tightness exacerbated by over-pronation, Sarah consistently improved my flexibility and reduced my discomfort, allowing me to continue exercising.  Not only did she and Jenny directly treat my muscle trigger points and pain, leaving my legs and back knot-free, but they provided post-appointment recommendations that slowed the return of muscle soreness and stiffness despite my self-imposed lifting workload.  Without the assistance of Waverley Myotherapy, I would be both significantly further from my fitness goals and in a lot more physical stress.
I have recommended Waverley Myotherapy to at co-workers and friends with significant and varied back, leg and shoulder issues who have themselves referred additional friends and family.  At the core of it, Waverley Myotherapy delivers great results with informative and great staff.”

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