Covid-19 Policy & Sanitisation Protocol

Here at Myothrive we have everyone’s health and safety in mind whether it be the current COVID-19 outbreak or the annual flu. We want all our customers to feel stress free when attending us for their musculoskeletal concerns. Whether we are using the treatment room or the functional fitness space, rest assured it has been thoroughly cleaned before use. The following documents how we are keeping you safe.

Covid-19 Policy

  1. Please do not attend the clinic if you feel unwell in anyway. Even if you know it’s a common cold, lowering people’s immune systems with any other viruses right now is not a good idea.
  2. Please do not attend the clinic if you have recently travelled overseas or been in contact with someone who has recently travelled overseas.
  3. When you arrive for your appointment, please wait outside until right on the time of your appointment. If we have placed the sign out the front it means we are busy and we require you to wait until your Myotherapist comes and gets you.
  4. Once you enter the premise there is hand sanitiser available. Please sanitise both before and after your session. If you prefer to wash your hands, there is soap and paper towel available in the bathroom.
  5. Your Myotherapist will check your temperature upon arrival and get you to sign a COVID-19 checklist.
  6. Please leave promptly after your appointment to allow adequate time for the Myothrive team to clean up and make the space sanitary for the next customer.
  7. If you or someone you live with is at higher risk in anyway, we advise you to wear a mask to your session. If you are uncomfortable coming to the clinic we suggest trying a online “Telehealth” consult or in certain cases we may be able to offer a home visit consultation for you.

Our Sanitisation Protocol

  1. After your session we first place all used linens in the bin provided and any tools used during the session are washed in a designated sink just for them. The towels are washed on a hot cycle as per council regulations.
  2. Next we spray and wipe any areas that may have been touched or been affected by droplets. We also spray the reception area and the door handles.
  3. We wear a mask during your session as often we are in close contact and cannot appropriately socially distance. Wearing your own mask is optional, we have some disposable ones available if you need.
  4. We wash our hands / sanitise regularly including before and after each treatment and whenever we have touched a surface or object that may be contaminated or ourselves.
  5. Every 12 months Myothrive is assessed by the local council to make sure we are up to scratch with our systems and processes to keep the general public safe. We are getting regular updates from our association and from local government as new information is learned about COVID-19 on how to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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