Pain Podcast Episode #1: How Serious Is My Pain?

My debut podcast – it can only improve from here! Bit of an introduction about myself (Sarah from Waverley Myotherapy), a brief background on why I’m doing this podcast (because I want to help people – ultimately!) and an attempt to guide you through identifying how serious your pain is, and some things you might be able to do depending on whether your pain is serious, moderate or more of a niggle.

Pain Podcast – All The Pains

Hope you enjoy the podcast; my aim is to keep each episode short in length so you can listen on your way to work or dropping the kids off at school. For this reason I’m also keeping the episodes clean. We are a family friendly clinic so also want to maintain a family friendly podcast.

pain podcast, is your pain serious?

If you have any ideas you’d be interested in hearing about or health professionals you’d like me to interview, please get in touch. My idea is to do these weekly – lets see how we go!!

Topics I’m thinking of doing for this pain podcast are:

  1. Conditions and injuries found in every day life. Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, ankle sprains, bursitis, tendinopathy and arthritis for example.
  2. Different natural ways worth consideration in helping with pain. Reducing sugar in your diet, introducing turmeric and pro biotic foods and arnica for example.
  3. Get other health professionals take on pain and what they commonly see and do in their practices. Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Osteopaths and Personal Trainers for example.

Finally, if you have come across this article because you are right now seething in pain, pain that is a 10/10 pain (i.e. child birth, can hardly breath or move) please call an ambulance or get to the hospital – do not finish listening to this podcast – or perhaps listen while you wait for the ambulance. Serious pain should always be taken seriously.

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