Shoulder pain can be helped with Myotherapy assessment and tools. We can help with tight aching muscles, movement restrictions such as frozen shoulder and everything in between. We can assess to rule out anything that might be worthy of a scan and treat to restore movement and reduce pain. Myotherapy can assess, treat and manage all kinds of shoulder complaints. See some tips below to get you started at home or click here to watch Alana’s video series that can help the shoulder.

frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis
Assessment is key to getting the right treatment and management program

3 Tips for Shoulder Pain

Tip 1: Keep it moving – Try small movements in the pain free range. Try to move as often as you can. Try things like bending down towards your toes, or grab a water bottle or a can of something from the pantry and hang your arm off the side of the bed, then swing your arm gently like a pendulum, your shoulder should stay very relaxed. If you don’t have a pain free range we recommend seeking treatment or going to your doctor.

Tip 2: Start a gratitude journal – Research has shown people who practice gratitude experience less pain and recover quicker from illness or injury. You don’t need a fancy journal (unless you want to), simply make a list of 5-10 things each morning in your phone or on a piece of paper that you feel grateful for. Your body & mind will thank you for it!

Tip 3: Change the sensation – We often get asked the question heat or cold? Unless you’ve just sprained your ankle or experienced a mosquito bite, either could be helpful. Even deep heat, ice gel, a warm bath, a warm face washer or lightly rubbing the painful area might help. It’s all about changing the sensory feedback to your nervous system. Studies have shown that this may trick your brain in to switching off the pain sensors for a short period of time.

Need more help?

Our treatment has helped many of our customer with shoulder pain. We start with a thorough assessment to determine if there is a cause to your pain. We use well researched treatment modalities such as dry needling which is fabulous at overriding the pain signals to the nervous system and is often faster acting and longer lasting than other treatment modalities. We use movement therapy and special exercises tailored to you and we work at getting you stronger than where you started to fully restore energy and balance back in to your life.

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