Dwan Rosairo

Dwan Rosairo has extra training in the McKenzie method for low back and neck pain including their related pain referral patterns into hips, legs, shoulders and arms.

Dwan holds a Bachelor of Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy and has extra training in the McKenzie Method for the back and neck. Sometimes the back can refer into the glute, hip, groin, leg and foot; sometimes the neck can refer into the upper back, head, shoulder, arm and hand; so if you have pain in any of these areas it’s worth catching up with Dwan and having an assessment to see where your pain is actually coming from!


Dwan also holds a personal interest in scoliosis cases after being diagnosed and going through treatment for a type of scoliosis herself as a teenager although she hasn’t let this slow her down having recently come 1st place in a running event (yes she has a trophy and everything!). So if you have a scoliosis or a leg length difference it would be worth getting Dwan’s perspective and advice.

At our clinic many people seek Dwan out for her history in dancing. She has a good knowledge about dancers bodies, especially ballet, and can help with reducing pain or increasing performance. She also runs a ‘mobility & stretch’ class on a Saturday afternoon; if you want to feel taller, stretched out, or be able to touch your toes, get yourself along to this class!

Dwan loves to use lots of dry-needling, cupping and movement to leave you feeling all that tension has left your body. If you live a busy lifestyle, are a dancer, have a scoliosis or neck & back related issues, Dwan is the Myotherapist for you.

See if she has a spare space for you. She works at Glen Iris on a Wednesday from 3pm – 7pm and at Mount Waverley on Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am to 7pm, Wednesdays 10am to 2pm and Fridays & Saturdays 7am – 3pm. Here’s the bookings link for your convenience.

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