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We Specialise In Chronic Back and Neck Pain Solutions.

Can We Help With Your Chronic Pain?

If you suffer with persistent pain in the back or neck we can work with you to reduce pain and get back to activities you are struggling with. We treat people who can no longer work, pick up their kids or help out around the house. At this point it’s no longer just about the physical it is about the emotional and social impact on your life as well.

All Myotherapists are trained in treating chronic pain however Myotherapists Sarah Hall, Dwan Rosairo and Kelly Lanctot have extra training in the McKenzie Technique. This technique helps to reduce pain quicker than previous tools available to us. Even better, once we find the right mix of things that help you, you can do them at home to self manage. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will do them for life, although that is sometimes the case, it simply means you will have a set of tools you can use yourself saving you time and money.

A story you may appreciate

The other day I was in a taxi and was explaining what Myotherapy involves to the driver. He told me 40 years ago he did his back playing squash and they thought he needed surgery. He’s the kind of man who felt surgery was a last resort so decided to work with the physios recommended by the surgeon. He told me it involves a technique that came from New Zealand and that he still does his exercises every day. I asked him “Is that the McKenzie Technique?” “Yes!” He said, “I haven’t had to go back since, I just treat myself!” It warms my heart to know the techniques that my staff and I know can be that powerful in helping someone for 40 years!

In addition to the McKenzie Technique and our Myotherapy Tool Kit we also use pain management tools. We source them from Lorimer Mosley and the NOI Group who do extensive research on pain. Watch some of the videos below to begin.

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