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Myotherapy back pain
Back pain relief for people strapped for time.

There’s no doubt about it, back pain zaps your energy and makes everything take twice as long. We specialise in helping busy people get back on their feet. We offer shorter session times for busy people and you’d be amazed how much we can achieve with you in this short amount of time! We use techniques that are designed to quickly alleviate pain and contraction and give simple exercises that you will absolutely have time to do.

Our method has helped lots of people just like yourself with back and sciatica problems. We assess you to make sure we are targeting the right areas for treatment. This assessment also tells us more about the underlying cause of your problem. We treat to start making you feel better straight away. We then allow some time to discuss a long term plan with you so this issue doesn’t keep recurring. We keep it simple and tailor it to you so there won’t be any need to sign up to a gym or go buy yoga pants unless you want to!

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The Method

First we assess your posture and movements. In order to get exceptional results we want to make sure that we set off on the right foot. It’s also important for long term results.

Then we treat to start making you feel better straight away. We use tools tailored to you and we will discuss your treatment before we begin. Usually it involves things like massage and pressure point therapy, cupping and dry needling to get quicker, longer lasting results and movement therapy to start addressing the underlying cause.

Next we identify triggers to help the treatment stick. We will try these movements or activities again later, but to start with we want your body and nervous system to feel safe so there may be some things to avoid short term.

Where appropriate we teach you targeted movements to combat the underlying cause, we find this gives amazing long term results for our customers and it let’s you be proactive in treating yourself.

Fix + Move = Thrive!

Treatment techniques we use for back pain and sciatica

  • Dry Needling
  • Active Cupping
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Pain & Injury Massage
  • Corrective Movement Therapy
  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® aka The McKenzie Method® (please book with practitioners Dwan Rosairo or Sarah Hall for this technique)

In most cases we use a combination of the above treatment techniques. We usually start with less invasive treatments unless you have tried something in the past that’s really worked for you, then we incorporate it into your treatment straight away.

Combining treatment techniques gives faster more effective relief.

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