Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

MyoThrive can relieve back or sciatica quickly and effectively using a combination of techniques that will give you long lasting results. Our Practitioners will get to the root cause of your pain, explain what is going on and give you exceptional self care advice.

Our Point Of Difference

There are a few things that set MyoThrive apart from not only other Myotherapy Clinics but also from other musculoskeletal practitioners such as Massage, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic & Osteopathy.

Combination of Therapies

All MyoThrive practitioners have both a Myotherapy qualification as well as other training in movement therapy and rehab exercise prescription. The ability to combine dry needling, hands on therapy, movement therapy and strength rehab gives exceptional results.

For Busy People

We have divided our bookings into the amount of time it usually takes for a particular problem. Therefore you can book for 1 pain complaint, 2 or 3 pain complaints. This allows us to keep the cost down for you and allows you to get on with the rest of your busy day!

Learn Your Pain

Many of our customers comment on the education side of what we do. We will explain the root cause of your pain, why it’s happening and how you can play an active role in helping reduce your pain so you don’t need to come in to the clinic so much, unless you want to!

Sarah Hall, Clinic Owner

“As someone who suffered back pain and sciatica from a young age through farm work and sport, I have made it an absolute must for my team to understand and excel at treating back pain and sciatica. I have sought out world class methods of treating back and nerve complaints after getting sick and tired of always relying on going back to a physio every time I felt pain. I now know the real solution is to have tools so I can help myself whenever I have a flare up. I also know if I keep strong, I’m less likely to have those flare ups. Back pain and nerve pain unfortunately is something that is likely to recur throughout your life once you’ve experienced it, so it’s really important to understand your pain and be able to treat yourself.”

We Love to Help

What’s in our toolkit?

Dry Needling

Dry needling works very quickly on the nervous system to stop the pain and contraction cycle. If there’s an area in spasm it’s one of our go to methods to help calm down your pain so you can start moving better.

Hands on Therapy

As Myotherapists our forte was traditionally being hands on with therapy. We haven’t lost our touch here at MyoThrive however we do use less hands on methods as we know so many things that work better both in the treatment room and in the research. We use trigger point therapy, pain and injury massage and mobilistaion  of joints and muscles to increase blood flow, calm your pain complaint and help you to move better.

Myofascial Cupping

Cupping is fantastic for releasing tight fascia that prevents the muscle from being able to relax properly. Fascia encases the muscles and is connected all over the body. Latest research shows it has more of a connection with the nervous system than the muscle so we want to make sure it’s in tip top shape. A key way to know if your fascia is a problem? Is the pain sharp when you press on an area versus dull? We predominently use active cupping where we slide the cup or move your body part. This works much better for fascia than the traditional method of sitting the cups until the big bruises show up. We also use plastic cups with no fire, so it’s very safe.

Movement Therapy

Here at MyoThrive we all have extra training in movement therapy and we do fortnightly training sessions together where we get to learn from each other on stuff we’ve recently learnt or great results where getting from a particular method. We use the McKenzie Method and Mulligan Methods quite a bit for releasing pain related to the protective mechansisms that occur with pain. We have found time and time again that this is a quick and effective method at resolving pain and once we find the right movement and dose you can continue to treat yourself! We also love mobilistaion techniques and Clinical Pilates movements to free stuck areas and get you moving properly again!

Rehab Exercise

So many people now associate the word “exercise” with negative images of someone slogging it out on a tredmil or lifting weights that are too heavy. Here at MyoThrive the word “exercise” has a much more holistic meaning. Basically we want you to be stronger than your pain but we also work with a lot of busy people so we are going to keep it really targeted on exactly what you need to get better the quickest possible way. If you love the gym and sport we can absolutely adapt your program to assist in this way but if you don’t have time to do 10 exercises a day, lets keep it simple and test what you need to do to improve first!

Our Approach & Philosophy

First we assess your posture and movements. In order to get exceptional results we want to make sure that we set off on the right foot. This gives us an opportunity to explain to you the underlying cause and it’s  an important step for long term results.

Then we treat to start easing pain and contraction straight away. We use tools tailored to you and we will discuss your treatment before we begin.

Next we retest to make sure our treatment has improved your pain or movement complaint.

We will set you up with a home remedy routine plan for you start treating yourself at home. This might be something we already found helpful within the session, something to help with the underlying cause or something to help prevent reccurence in the future. Rest assured we will keep it simple and you will get accompanying pics or videos to help you.

Then we follow up. Sometimes we want to wait and see how you respond to your treatment before booking, sometimes we know it usually takes a week before remedy routines need updating or before the pain cycle will initially return. We want to follow up and stay in touch to make sure we are on the right track and to keep you progressing forward towards your pain and movement goals.

In a nutshell…

There’s no doubt about it, back pain zaps your energy and makes everything take twice as long. We specialise in helping busy people get back on their feet. We get to the underlying cause, we explain your pain, we use techniques that are designed to quickly alleviate pain and contraction and give simple preventative advice for long lasting results.

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